Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Currently we use four different computer aided drafting programs to accommodate our client’s wants and needs.  We are not tied to one vendor for this service, instead we will work with what our clients already have, make recommendations on programs or take on a new program for a client.


Computer Aided Drafting

We provide maps of communication and video systems
showing the following:

  • Roads
  • Landmarks
  • Customer locations and information
  • Pedestals and Poles
  • Cable (Coax, Fiber, and Copper)
  • Strand
  • Conduit systems

We provide detailed schematics of:

  • Network layout
  • Central Office / Head End layout
  • Manhole layout
  • Node / Splitter layout
  • Fiber Optic Splices
  • Rack Face layout

Plant Records

  • We provide plant records that are tied to the maps using a database. The database is then used for Continuing Property Records (CPR’s). We can provide detailed reports for CPR’s, material lists, route miles, etc.